Meet drug dog Buddy

The 10-month-old is now being trained by New Zealand Detector Dogs, the country’s leading private provider of specialist drug and explosives canines. Managing director and trainer Janet Williams says the whippet-cattle dog cross is enjoying his training. “He is really meeting the grade and in most cases he is exceeding what a dog would normally do at this stage.

“He is now confident at sniffing out most of the targets and planting his little bum down and not moving until he gets rewarded,” she says. “He has also learned that the longer you stay and show interest in the box, the more biscuits you get.” Buddy will have another year of training before he starts work
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Arthur Joins the NZDDS Team.

Just a happy, energetic little man is our Arthur – he has started his training already and at day 5 is almost as good as the trained dogs.

Nothing bothers him and he seems to thrive on doing something different every day.

Arthur’s going to be working alongside Skylar who he gets on with really well.

Meet the NEW team member XANDY

Not contented to be a guide dog Xandy set out to challenge her trainers and after much effort – it was decided that her future was not with the blind. With an inkling that Xandy was not going to be a guide dog or a pet, NZ Detector Dogs was approached to see if Xandy could be offered a rewarding future with the team.

While we don’t usually take such dogs, we did so for Xandy’s sake. She was a cheeky little monkey that had trouble written all over her unless she had a challenge and so we took her for a 1 month trial to see if working as a drug dog would be that challenge.

Within one week Xandy answered that question loud and clear – yes she wanted to be a drug dog. Thriving on the training, scent work, stimulating environments and situations she grew in front of our eyes into one of the best trainees I have seen for a long time.She has already had a number of operational finds and loves the work. Her tail goes non stop and she is just so confident and happy when working.

We now have an awesome new team member kindly sent to us by Guide Dogs. They should be very proud of this little lady who is already well on her way to a successful new career!