Our Drug Dog Services

Welcome To New Zealand Detector Dogs

New Zealand Detector Dogs is NZ’s leading service provider of drug detection dog services to local and international clients in private enterprise, government, educational and business sectors.

Our drug dog teams provide essential drug safety services for clients in Construction, Manufacturing, Food Production, Warehousing, Logistics, Transportation, Educational Facilities, Schools, Residential Apartments, Drug Rehab and Mental Health Facilities. We work for Health and Safety purposes and for Food Safety – anywhere you do not want drugs, people impaired by drugs, people dealing or in possession of drugs, or where you currently use drug testing, we can help.

As a specialised detector dog handling, training, consulting and accreditation service, we set the highest possible standard in the private sector of New Zealand. Our staff are highly trained, qualified handlers with years of proven and recognised backgrounds in professional dog handling.

Drug dog solutions: New Zealand Detector Dogs assists companies and organisations in their goal to have drug-free workplaces and work sites by providing a specialist nationwide drug dog service.

Why Use Drug Dogs?

While companies may have Drug and Alcohol policies in place and use drug testing such as Pre-employment, Reasonable cause, Random and Post-incident drug testing, the use of dogs can enable companies to:

Screen their whole site for drugs and identify those who have been in close and recent contact with drugs
Find cost savings through more effective identification of those ‘at risk’ of having an accident due to drug use or potential drug impairment
Establish ‘reasonable cause’ which doesn’t rely on other staff or supervisor’s observations or reports - we are an impartial 3rd party
Be proactive and prevent potential illegal drug problems from arising - this promotes a safer and more productive workplace free from the issues associated with illegal drug use, drug dealing, drug supply and the intimidation that exists with illegal drugs.
Respond to reports or suspicions of drug use or possession that may compromise a safe work environment or compromise food safety
Deter possession and use of illegal drugs and drug utensils promoting a safer worksite and safer environment for businesses, their staff, the public and the communities they are part of
Identify illegal activities such as drug dealing, drug possession, or the presence of actual drugs on a worksite or company vehicles that have had drugs used or carried in them
Identify drug dealers and drug suppliers who may not be users but who may pass drug testing or those who cheat drug tests
Risk assess their worksites and ensure current measures for drug detection are effective and offer an alternative to drug screening or testing of employees

Drug Dogs, combined with education and drug testing, give companies a comprehensive approach to taking ‘all practicable steps’ in eliminating drugs as a hazard and identifying drug risks on their sites.