Plush apartments going to (drug) dogs

October 3, 2013

Drug-detecting dogs are running through the hallways, reception areas and carparks of Parnell’s The Mirage apartments. In a crackdown aimed at warning people against bringing drugs on to the premises or trying to use the resort-style twin towers as a methamphetamine lab, the body corporate at The Strand complex backed the moves which building manager Helen Blick described as “popular”.

Residents were not offended by the dog raids, she said, pointing to a prominent foyer sign warning of snap surveillance. “It’s more of a deterrent. If people think they’re coming to live at The Mirage with drugs, watch out!” warned Mrs Blick, an apartment owner and resident for nine years. Mirage Matters, the residents’ and owners’ newsletter, listed the dogs’ arrival as one of the key improvements at the 125-unit block, developed 11 years ago. But apartment owners were also warned they would have no idea when the dogs would arrive because searches would occur randomly.
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