Rescued dogs sniff out crime

November 3, 2022

To some they are just unwanted mongrels, but Whangarei SPCA staff can recognise a good dog when they see one, especially one that’s got the nose for sniffing out illegal activity.

Last year a stray dog named Brutus, found and looked after by Whangarei SPCA staff, was chosen to sniff out bombs in some of the world’s war-torn danger spots after his talent for sniffing things was recognised by SPCA staff. And now another pooch rescued by the SPCA is on his way to becoming a top drug-sniffing dog. Buddy was only six months old when his owner handed him in to the SPCA because his barking was sparking complaints in the city about six months ago. But the SPCA staff immediately recognised that he could have what it takes to become a detector dog…….
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