Safer, Drug Free Environments

March 2, 2023

Recent waste water testing and NZ Drug Foundation reports has shown drugs and drug use have not decreased during lockdowns, in fact the very opposite. For some people, lockdown can be the perfect storm of stress, availability and cues, leading to ‘overdoing’ of potentially unsafe behaviours. Drug dealing and supply has by necessity become innovative and adaptive with transportation and delivery occurring through essential travel pathways.

It’s vital a proactive approach is taken to minimise these risks

With Auckland operating at Alert Level 4 and the rest of the country at Alert Level 2 we know how important it is to manage the Covid risks while still maintaining Health and Safety and Food Safety initiatives, minimising risk and harm illegal drug hazards pose to your staff, products, business operations and the environments you operate in. It is also important to us that we continue to operate in a safe manner protecting ourselves and our clients during any Alert Level while still being highly visible.

In order to provide a proactive drug screening presence, while minimising Covid risks we can offer some alternative drug screening options that reduces person to person contact. Our handlers are experienced, flexible and adapt to site specific safety procedures.

Screening utilising drug dogs reduces the need for unnecessary close contact with staff whilst deterring the presence, and effects, of drug hazards onsite.

NZDDS Advice: The best way to deal with a drug issue – is not to have one!